HelloIamJustin X Tucknee case

Justin Ghijsen was born and raised in the Cheese capital of the world, Gouda! He was that lonely guy in elementary school who absolutely loved punk music and skateboarding. Luckily by the time high school came around, he found more people who shared this passion with him. Later in his music career, he ended up touring around Europe with a band and had an absolute blast playing at festivals!

Justin taught himself how to illustrate because the bands he was in did not have the money to hire fancy illustrators. After a bit of designing for his own band at the time; Tusky, people started to notice his work and began approaching him for illustration jobs. His Tucknee design is based on everything Tucknee stands for; the love for surfing, skateboarding and just in general having a good time with a drink and a great burger! As Justin says himself “Just keep Shredding”!!!