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  • NoBrainer

    The Reedin No Brainer is made for every situation. Whether you're rockin 'in the waves, like strapless freestyle or are on a surfboard for the first time, the Reedin No Brainer can do it all. The unique rocker line gives you good control while riding in the waves or on flat water. The higher rocker in the nose provides tight turns in small waves, but also allows you to make beautiful long turns in steep and hollow waves. The Reedin No Brainer is equipped with a double channel close to the rail for extra drive and grip. The NoBrainer excels at riding in choppy water, and gives you control while jumping, by making sure the board sticks to your feet. Whether you are starting out or making the biggest airs, the No Brainer is a surfboard for everyone. Features about the Reedin No Brainer:
    • High rocker in nose
    • Step rocker in tail area
    • Wide nose shape
    • Double Channel
    • Reedin Thruster fins with Futures® boxes
    • Reedin Corduroy and Square pattern pads
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